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About Us

Recycle Ottawa has a clear purpose that is to help the environment so that unwanted electronics from Ottawa Businesses do not end up in landfills.

If you recycle you will help keep used electronics from being shipped to developing countries as waste.

Recycle Ottawa is a locally owned business that was started in 2011.

How It Works

If you have unwanted electronics i.e. computers, digital cameras, dvd/cd players, hard drives, printers, stereo and more call us at 613-979-0309 or email us at

We can pick up your items (subject to a travel surcharge) or you can drop off your items at our location. Please contact us to arrange a drop off time.


$5 per item

$30 surcharge for pickup


If you drop off 2 computers, your total cost will be $10.

If we pick up 2 computers, your total cost will be $40.

We will be happy to take your item to the recycle facility if it is not working.

If the item is working we will give it to a charity or a school for a low cost.

Contact us today and we look forward to helping you.

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